The Importance of Annual Maintenance of your Airconditioning Unit



If you take a look at any Owner’s Manual for a gas ducted heating unit you will find one thing in common, no matter what the brand. They all recommended annual servicing and maintenance of your gas ducted heating unit. Each manual may be worded differently but they all say the same thing; the furnace should be cleaned and adjusted by a certified serviceman once a year or before the start of the heating season. Cars are no different in regards to routine maintenance. Hands down the busiest, most used appliance in your home is the gas furnace. It coincides directly with the air you breathe and the various particles, dust, microorganisms, hair, skin cells that are found in your home.


A build up of these particles in the gas furnace affect its performance, no different than a dirty air filter will compromise the efficiency of your car. When gas is burned it leaves behind a residue that builds up over time and affects the efficiency of the unit. The added weight of dust and debris on the blower will cause strain on the motor used to spin the fan. Dirty register filters starve the unit of air and causes unusual high temperatures inside the heater unit. Routine cleaning of these vital areas are crucial for the proper operation of your furnace.


It’s safe to say a properly maintained gas furnace will not only be more reliable but it will be cheaper to operate. Do yourself and your equipment a favour and call A-Temp and book an annual service for only $240 that will keep you warm all winter.


Posted by David Bugalski – A Temp Heating & Airconditioning

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