All the major brands


A-Temp Heating and Airconditioning sells and installs products from all the major heating and airconditioning suppliers. When deciding on the best climate control system for your home or business, we can advise you by evaluating which product best suit your needs and budget.

Energy efficient choices

Choosing the most appropriate heating or cooling system is an important decision as it can account for over half the average household energy costs.

By choosing the appropriate product, you will ensure that you reduce your energy costs and stay comfortable all year round.

We have the right product for you!

When deciding which type of heating or cooling system you want, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I require heating/cooling for the whole house or only in specific rooms?
  • Will running costs affect my choice?
  • Is the purchase price my biggest consideration?
  • Does anyone in the house have allergies?

Wide range of products and solutions

Have a look through our wide range of products which includes heating and cooling systems, Do-It-Yourself Kits, and a listing of our many reputable suppliers.


If you have any further queries please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions.