Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Which is the best heating or cooling system for my home and family?

A. We get this question a lot. To answer this, we will have to visit your home, measure it up and evaluate your lifestyle (it’s a free quote).

Q. What brand do you recommend?

A. We supply and install just about every major brand on the market, so depending on what the requirements are, and the budget, we will recommend the most suitable brand to do the job.


Q. Which works best, evaporative or refrigerated?

A. What works best for you may be quite personal. Different environments demand different units to achieve comfort throughout. Refrigerated will enable you to reach a set temperature, evaporative is like a cool sea breeze. An obligation free quote can provide you with valuable information on which unit will fulfill your needs.

Q. How should I use my evaporative air conditioner in humid weather?

A. You can turn off the water pump on the cooler and just run the fan – its like having ceiling fans in every room. Keep in mind Victoria usually gets only a few humid days during an average summer.

Q. Can evaporative cooling be installed to my ducted heating system?

A. No evapoative cooling cannot be installed. Refrigerated cooling can be installed although the majority of systems are not suitable or require alterations.

Q.   How long does evaporative cooling installation take?

A.  Installation can be arranged at a time convenient to you. Generally, most residential installations will be completed within a day.

Q. How often should I clean the return air filters on my refrigerated air conditioner?

A. This depends on your location and dust levels inside, but you should check and clean the filters every two weeks or so, maybe when you vacuum the floor.

Q. Why does my refrigerated air conditioner drip water?

A. During more humid weather, the air conditioner dries out the air as part of the cooling process. This produces condensation from the indoor unit. The water is drained away by the condensate drain. The more humid the outside air, the more condensation produced.

Q. Can I zone (turn some areas off) my air conditioning system?

A. Refrigerated ducted systems can be zoned. It is best to work this out prior to installation of the system. Zoning can save money in operating costs and / or be more efficient when zoned. Evaporative air conditioning is not easy to zone and will not save any money by reducing running costs.

Q.   How long does airconditioning installation take?

A.  Installation can be arranged at a time convenient to you. Generally, most residential installations will be completed within a day.

Q . Do you need a ‘reverse cycle’ or ‘cooling only’ system?

A. ‘Cooling only’ is cheaper, but only slightly. So, even if you have another form of heating, it’s worth considering a ‘reverse cycle’ unit as a back-up.

Q. Is the ceiling height and floor size of the room important?

A. The size of the room has a big influence on the capacity of the unit you need. Take the exact measurements and note them down.

Q. Do I need ceiling insulation?

A. Another key consideration. A room with no insulation will require more air conditioning capacity than a room with properly installed insulation.

Q. Does the direction my windows are facing make a difference?

A. The aspect of your windows will affect the natural temperature of the room and has a big influence on the type of air conditioning required.

Q . Do I need to know the sizes of the windows in the room?

A. Knowing the sizes of the windows will help you with your choice. Once you have the measurements of the room, measure the height and width of your windows too.

Q. Can refrigerated cooling be added to your heating system?

A. Yes, but provision must be allowed for in the fan and ducting sizes.


Q. Does heating perform satisfactorily from the ceiling?

A. Yes, the majority of heating systems are installed in new homes from the ceiling.

Q. How long does a heating system take to install?

A. 1 Day (weather permitting)

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If you have any further queries please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions.